There are many reasons to switch to an eco friendly deodorant. Many of you will simply be looking for a plastic free deodorant. However, our range of eco deodorants provides you with many options. For example, our vegan plastic free deodorants, are our most popular. Opting for a plastic free vegan deodorant means you can rest easy. That’s because by knowing that the product is vegan means it does not include ingredients derived from destructive animal agriculture. 

No Aluminium in Product

Did you know that Aluminium is in most antiperspirants? To prevent you from sweating. The use of Aluminum is to block the pores in your underarm to prevent you from sweating. Sweating is a natural bodily process, and preventing it from happening can cause irritation. There are many ways to refer to them, such as eco deodorants or eco friendly deodorants, but Natural Deodorants is how I prefer to refer to them. The key difference is that our range of plastic free deodorants are designed to allow you to sweat. But the key thing is that they neutralise the odour, without disrupting our natural bodily processes.

No Plastic

Plastic packaging features in the most mass market deodorants, whether they are roll on or aerosol. Deodorant is one of the most widely and frequently used of all household products. Also, as you probably know, the vast majority of these use plastic as part of it’s packaging. The use of plastic in aerosols, is often limited to only the cap or aerosol trigger. Unfortunately this makes the recycling process even more complicated. In addition, with roll-ons the packaging is frequently 100% plastic. By switching to a natural deodorant that is plastic free, you can prevent the generation of this unnecessary plastic waste.

No Aerosols / In Home Air Pollution

Every year indoor air pollution causes the deaths of xx million people worldwide. The use of aerosols may contribute to indoor air pollution in your home. As a result, moving away from aerosol deodorants may prevent the addition of further sources of home indoor air pollution.


Not only is the packaging plastic free in our natural deodorants, but the deodorants that we stock are often packaged in compostable paperboard, and if not are packaged in an infinitely recyclable tin. Therefore you can rest easy knowing that in the event that your packaging ended up in the environment it will not be breaking down into micro plastics or otherwise causing harm to the ecosystems we really upon.

All Natural ingredients means no more synthetic chemicals

All of our eco deodorants are made with natural ingredients. You may just want a natural deodorant, but there are many options. You can have a simple plastic free deodorant, a vegan plastic free deodorant or an eco friendly deodorant that ticks all these boxes. Synthetic fragrances can be bad for your overall health. Instead of using artificial scents that can irritate your skin or allergies, they use natural essential oils such as lemongrass, peppermint, and lavender which are good for your mind and body, as well as your nose.

The majority of our deodorants are Vegan and cruelty free

Are you looking for a vegan deodorant plastic free? Regardless of what order you have your priorities, whether you are simply looking for a vegan deodorant, a vegan plastic free deodorant, a plastic free vegan deodorant or a vegan deodorant plastic free. We have a range of deodorants that are vegan and cruelty free. More and more people are becoming aware of how animal agriculture is contributing to climate change and deforestation. Most peoples first steps with becoming vegan primarily concerns their diet, but products of animal agriculture feature in household products as well, so it’s an important step to take.